Fidelity Warranty

April 23, 2020

We all are aware of the importance of an automobile protection plan. As we are also familiar that the market is full to the brim with different companies selling the same packages and policies. What happens when you want all the possible facilities but without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, I have a suggestion of a company that will not only provide auto protection at your doorsteps but without disturbing your bank balance. You might wanna check out the Fidelity warranty services if you are scratching your head to choose a decent auto warranty service. The below-mentioned details will help you make a firm decision for the same.

What is Fidelity warranty services all about?

For almost four decades, Fidelity Guarantee Services, Inc. (FWS) has offered reliable goods and services to secure the car savings when it is most important. As a loyal FWS client, you can be confident that your maintenance agreement will be honored for insured maintenance at over 6,000 operating service centers around the country.

We agree that purchasing a vehicle is a big decision and can be made with caution and consideration. FWS and its affiliates offer a number of solutions to assist you to select the right vehicle service package that is correct for your requirements. Read more on how to defend oneself and your family and friends.

FWS goods and services can be ordered over more than 3,800 retailers across the world. For further details or to locate a willing to participate repair shop in your city, please call (833) 831-9039.


Based on the car's lifespan and mpg, you can buy up to 120,000 miles of protection. The Car Insurance Package starts on the date of acquisition and ends on the basis of the duration and mileage chosen, whichever happens first, which can contain a deduction based on the choice picked. You may pick from either a regional program of over 6,000 approved support locations or any accredited repair warehouse in the U.S. or Canada.


Repayment of up to $40 every day for up to Ten days an insured technical failure.


Repayment of up to $100 for towing costs per insured technical failure.


if you are greater than Hundred miles from residence and you suffer an insured technical failure, you can earn a rebate of up to $100 a day, up to $500 an incident, for food and housing.


Replacement of the appropriate chemicals, oils, lubricates, solvents, and permitted air conditioning gasses provided in accordance with the repair process.


Each strategy is entirely applicable to the next owner, making the vehicle more desirable to prospective customers.


The value of the chosen package can be reflected in the funding of the car.


Obtain service at more than 6,000 approved distribution stations or other accredited maintenance centers in the U.S. or Canada.


This compulsory Vehicle Safety Program shall not reimburse or refund any technical interruptions induced by neglect, misconduct, liability (including neglect on the portion of any service center), inadequate towing, lack of maintenance of the component protected, corrosion, loss arising from continuing service under an overheating situation, loss of compressor or lube, loss of oil temperature, effluent, reduced oil flow, harm to salt, corrosion and oxidation, exposure to the atmosphere or to contaminants.

Any charge or refund for the adjustment of oil intake, replacement of damaged rings or other maintenance to improve engine output that must be carried out on your vehicle while a Technical Collapse has not happened. See the Service Agreement for more information.


Their agents will supply you with the product of claims, certification, and access to approved maintenance facilities close to you. Just call us at 833-831-9039.


Appreciate financial security with the Fidelity Insurance Services Vehicle Security Package, understanding that you are safe everywhere in the U.S., its jurisdiction or property, or Canada.


Taking part retailers can be charged explicitly for approved repairs. You do not need to compensate to hesitate for a refund.

Access is simple. If your vehicle needs repair, if possible, bring the vehicle to your selling dealer. If you cannot do this, please follow the instructions on your Service Contract and call the toll-free number indicated on the bottom of your contract and a claims analyst will assist you.

How do I begin a claim?

The method is quite easy. When the car has to be patched, when necessary, show the car to the supplier. If you are unable to do so, please obey the directions in your Service plan and dial the tax-free number at the end in your agreement and you will be helped by the payments examiner.

Claim fees, not payable, should be sold straight to the maintenance company. There is no documentation for you to carry out, and because deposits are made to the repair company, there is no delay for repayment.

Can I be sure that any valid Service Contract claim I have will be paid?

Rest assured, we're going to be here anytime you need us. Fidelity Warranty Services Inc Company, through its associated firms, has over three centuries of expertise and millions of service contracts in place. Both service arrangements are fully covered and guaranteed by the Courtesy Insurance Provider, graded A (Excellent) by A.M. Good Company. Worst Business.

However, since payments are made straight to the repair company, you don't have to hesitate to be refunded or think about doing any complex paperwork.

In case you are looking for more details on the Fidelity warranty services then you must visit the official website or call on the official number for the same.

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